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The Hampshire Health Record (HHR)

Access to the Hampshire Health Record is limited to NHS staff who are involved in

patient care. They must ask your permission before they look at your electronic record.

A clinical committee reviews the security arrangements and ensures that any risks are identified and managed safely. This committee is made up of health care professionals and patient representatives. Every time someone looks at your record, their identity and the time and date are recorded for security purposes. They may be asked to justify their action and will be disciplined or even dismissed if rules on confidentiality are broken. You may request details of the information within your record and the identity of persons who have accessed it by contacting us at 023 8029 6276.

The information contained in the HHR is valuable in helping the health service with research into illnesses and treatments to improve patient care. All analyses of this sort are carried out on records which have had all personal identification removed. It is not possible for you or anyone else to be identified from these analyses and approval of the clinical committee is required before any analyses are undertaken.

Opting out of the HHR will automatically opt you out of Adjusted Clinical Groups – ACG Tool for risk stratification.

Further information

If you have any questions, please contact telephone the Hampshire Health Record

on 0300 123 1519

or by email at: info@hantshealthrecord.nhs.uk

or write to:

Hampshire Health Record

NHS Hampshire


112 Southampton Road


SO50 5PB

Further information is also available via the website at: www.hantshealthrecord.nhs.uk

If you would like to opt out you can find the Opt Out Pack here.