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Help For Parents

Babies, Children (under 5) and Parenting
You can go straight to your named Health Visitor for advice and guidance on issues such as:
  - Breastfeeding, bottle feeding and weaning
  - Child behaviour issues e.g. sleeping, eating and tantrums
  - Childhood conditions, allergies and infections
  - Diagnosis of childhood illness
  - Growth and development of your baby/child
  - Post natal depression and parental mental/physical health
  - Support with parenting, family health and relationships
  - Teething

Telephone: 02380 898609

Sure Start Children’s Centres

Improve outcomes for young children and their families, with a particular focus on those in greatest need. They work to make sure all children are properly prepared for school, regardless of background or family circumstances. They also offer support to parents.

Local Centres:

Cadland and Forest First Children's Centre

02380 890877  cadland@actionforchildren.org.uk

Forest First Children's Centre

02380 894425  forestfirst@actionforchildren.org.uk

The Waterside Children's Centre

02380 890877 thewaterside@actionforchildren.org.uk

Supporting families in Hampshire
Supporting Families by providing extra practical help.

Contact Yvonne Freeman on 07834 582954 or 01794 522106.

Or visit www.hants.gov.uk/supporting-troubled-families

Useful Websites and Guides

www.healthiertogetherwessex.nhs.uk has been developed for parents, aiming to:-

* A self-limiting condition is one that usually stops or ends without therapy or assistance, i.e. colds, coughs, tonsillitis etc.  All of these illnesses must "run their course" in order for the body to repair itself with its own immune system.

Family Help Guide containing advice, information and support for families..